Doña Ana Counties 1st Mobile Children's Museum!

News Release written by: Sommer Mitchell

New Mexico and Doña Ana County - Get ready to rev up your imagination as Vamos Niños - Play to Learn, Mobile Children’s Museum, begins its groundbreaking work of bringing early childhood resources directly to families' doorsteps. With a focus on serving rural and remote communities, the museum is set to make a lasting impact on childhood education throughout the region and our most rural communities. 

Launch Dates:

April 6th - South County - Anthony Family Village 780 Landers Rd. Anthony, NM 88021 10 am-1 pm

April 12th - Hatch Jardin de los Niños - Hatch Valley, 509 N. Franklin St. Hatch, NM 87937 4 pm-7 pm

April 19th - Las Cruces - Young Park., 850 S Walnut St, Las Cruces, NM 88001, 4 pm-7 pm

Vamos Niños is more than just a museum; it's a beacon of imagination, creativity, playful learning, and hope for access and equity. The heart of Vamos Niños beats with a passion for ensuring every family receives the support they need and every child has access to quality Early Childhood Education. That passion is what drove this dynamic and innovative approach to delivering services. With a comprehensive family resource center on board and a network of community partners joining us during our visits and events, each stop becomes a collaborative hub of learning, engagement, and support for families around the County.

“This is a monumental moment for Doña Ana County. What a wonderful creation! Vamos Niños will provide children and parents with learning opportunities that they would otherwise not have. Too often, children in rural towns cannot visit museums in the city due to financial and geographic mobility challenges. Vamos Niños removes those barriers. Now, with Vamos Niños, children and parents all over Doña Ana County can experience a fun and educational moment on wheels. Imagine the mobile museum driving down Highway 28, stopping at all the small towns along the way. Congratulations to the team at Ngage NM and the many community partners who made this incredible event happen.” Frank René López,Lopez Reflective Leadership.

This initiative has received generous support from various funders and stakeholders. Jack Soules' founding gift and vision were instrumental in bringing Vamos Niños to life. Additional support came from a federal allocation by Sen. Heinrich and contributions from the New Mexico Legislative Junior Funds sponsored by Rep. Joanne Ferrary and Sen. Bill Soules. The Children's Museum Committee, comprised of educators and community members, provided invaluable guidance. Their expertise helped shape the museum's development, ensuring it meets the needs of children and families in Doña Ana County.

So, all aboard Doña Ana County! Join Ngage New Mexico and the Success Partnership at our community launch events across Doña Ana County. Visit and follow our social media (, for updates and details about Vamos Niños!

Trae tu familia para experimentar Vamos Niños: Jugar para Aprender, ¡El primer museo móvil para niños y centro de recursos para familias!

Trae tu familia para experimentar Vamos Niños: Jugar para Aprender, ¡El primer museo móvil para niños y centro de recursos para familias!