The Las Cruces Public Schools Graduate Profile Design Contest

Las Cruces Public Schools is calling on all students to submit their designs for the new LCPS Graduate Profile. Students are asked to think about unique aspects of Las Cruces and consider the journey they take from kindergarten to graduation, and what competencies make them successful along the way.

 Since the start of 2022, LCPS has been gathering input from community members regarding which characteristics are most important for students before they graduate. Using this information, the district has developed a graduate profile to outline the academic, cognitive, personal, interpersonal characteristics, attributes, and/or qualities that all students should have by the time they graduate high school.

 A Graduate Profile is a visual representation of the essential skills and habits of mind that define learning experiences in our schools. It is an aspirational, memorable, and public commitment to redefine success in terms of those skills and habits of mind, rather than only accepting grades, test scores, or accumulated credits as evidence of learning.

 A Graduate Profile helps clarify what we want students to master and why we are committing to personalized pathways that ensure all students reach mastery, upon graduation.

 By developing a Graduate Profile, LCPS hopes to establish a means to focus its students and the school community on a set of core teaching and learning goals along with norms.

These goals and norms will support student development in the skills that are necessary to be successful in school and post-graduation. The goals and norms will also and establish a transformative framework to support students, systems, structures, and processes throughout the district.

 This contest is open to all LCPS students. All entries must be received by November 9, 2022. Visit for more information about the Graduate Profile Design Contest or click here.